Matthew Else

Matthew Else

Role: Pastor

The founding Pastor of Grace Baptist Church Peel, Brother Matthew Else was called to glory in May 2008. Matthew was also the founding Pastor of Onchan Baptist Church. He originally came to the Isle of Man in response to a call from Broadway Baptist Church, Douglas, Isle of Man.

Latest sermons by
Sun, May 23, 1993
Passage: Matthew 27:19
Series: Pilate - MFE
Duration: 29 mins 28 secs
Pilate was given advice by his wife, but he rejected it.
Sun, May 23, 1993
Duration: 28 mins 9 secs
Sun, May 16, 1993
Passage: John 19:16-21
Series: Pilate - MFE
Duration: 31 mins 32 secs
Pilate was the judge in the trial of the Lord Jesus Christ. He signed the death warrent, he yielded to pressure contrary to his inclination and he wrote an instructive inscription and was pressurised to change the wording.
Sun, May 16, 1993
Duration: 27 mins 26 secs
"Be ye angry and sin not" is easier said than done, however, the apostle Paul has some very practical advice for he goes on to say, "let not the sun go down upon your wrath". There are two points, firstly do not hold onto your anger for too long and secondly do not take your anger with you to bed.
Sun, Apr 04, 1993
Duration: 32 mins 26 secs
Saul, having been persecuted for his faith,was persecuted in Jerusalem too. The bretheren sent him to Tarsus because they had his well being at heart. Some have said they ushered him out to prevent general persecution, t6his is not so. These Christians cared for Saul.
Sun, Apr 04, 1993
Duration: 27 mins 5 secs
If the old man is already crucified with Christ why do Christians sin? And what should you do about it?
Sun, Mar 21, 1993
Duration: 29 mins 58 secs
Sun, Mar 14, 1993
Series: None
Duration: 29 mins 2 secs
"Even the death of the cross". As all of you well know the most widely used symbol of christiandom today is the cross. But you know interestingly there is nothing at all in the Bible to suggest that the cross should be regarded as the symbol of Christianity. Where has all this come from? Not the scriptures, not the apostolic era, or the early church, but the emperor Constantine who is supposed to have seen a light in the sky in the sign of a cross. It goes back to this man whose life was rooted in paganism. I want o say to you that it is not the wood that matters, but him who suffered upon the accursed tree to make atonement for sin.
Sun, Mar 14, 1993
Duration: 34 mins 10 secs
The apostle Paul talks of putting off the old man and putting on the new. Think of changing a garment. A man is a person, so he is talking of the person you once were, the old you in Adam. But why the old man? Paul writes to Christians who are new creatures in Christ. Old things have passed away.
Sun, Feb 28, 1993
Duration: 30 mins 30 secs
The Apostle Paul has spoken of those who had sunk to the dephs of depravity, a reprobate mind with no sensitivity for sin. Now with this dramatic statement he says you are different, and that this can be seen by others.
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